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The price I pay

Last sunday I drove to torquay to see my Mum for her birthday.  Alone in the car I listened to RRR's Radiotherapy program.  They were talking about avoiding alzheimer's and doing things that challenged your brain. Not doing crosswords to keep your mind sharp, but doing difficult things, challenging things, hard things.  For example, learning an instrument (if you've never played anything before), using your mouse with your other hand, learning mandarin etc. Things out of the ordinary that are totally removed from anything you've done before.  Think neuroplasticity.

As they spoke I was thinking about how I had been avoiding new things.  Going new places seemed utterly terrifying.  And as much as it would be lovely to have adventures, tackling the newness of a situation seemed out of my reach.  An exercise in anxiety.  Dealing with ongoing stress has meant we have hunkered down and retreated.  We do some nice thing.  Simple things.  Known things.  The thought of challeng…

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