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Riding the Great Wave

Peter and I went to the National Gallery of Victoria recently to see the Hokusai exhibition.  Even if you don't know who this is, you will be familiar with his work.  Well, perhaps one image, as it's been called the most famous image of asian art in the world.  The Great Wave (The great wave off Kanagawa) is iconic.

The exhibition is cavernous. It made me realise how much my eye is tuned to western art. I marvelled at the simplistic design of the wood block prints.  The space and stillness within some images. How simple flowing lines and a limited colour palate can create such beauty.  I must admit the human forms within many of the prints were almost grotesque. Small children looked liked monsters. I found I was drawn to the prints featuring architecture and nature.  The detail of thatched roofs, flowing waterfalls and crashing spray or the flowers and birds were divine. What astounded me was how much movement could be conveyed in a simple line. A kite flying, water rushing, …

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