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If you live in Australia there is no escaping the current debate about marriage equality.  You know, that concept that has been introduced in so many other countries around the world without the sky falling in. For some reason our politicians can't seem to separate church from state or fact from fiction.  Although the public debate and lobbying campaigns for the Yes and No votes were supposed to be civilised and solely about the marriage law, it has become about so much more.

Long standing hate mongering arsehat Tony Abbott started off by saying the vote was about saying no to same sex marriage, but also about protecting religious freedom and freedom of speech, and stopping political correctness in it's tracks. It seems in the very first days the debate had already jumped the tracks.  From there it's only a step to the right and someone is screaming 'won't somebody think of the children'.

There's also people talking about voting no because marriage isn'…

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