3rd time's a charm

Well - look at me. Who'd have imagined that I would be back here again. You might be pleased to know that life is better since the last post. Office politics are now pushed to the back of my mind. Life is too short, and the weather is too beautiful. Time to concentrate on the important things.

You know - it's been a good couple of weeks. I went to two great gigs recently. The fabulous Brisbane band The Grates
swung through Melbourne spreading their loving good vibes . Who could be down or angry with the world when Patience, John and Alana are around. Two local bands supported them - who were also great. The Vasco Era
rocked! Or should that be 'rawked'?

The other show was the gorgeous Ross McLennan, who played as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival. Such a delight. For some reason Ross' myspace page is having an issue today. But you should check him out.

Some times it's good to be reminded of the talent and beauty that lives on your doorstep. To finish on a good note - here's a picture of Patience I took at the gig. *sigh* I feel happier already!


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