Ever have one of those moments?

You know I had a day off last week. I'm trying to get my act together and tick some of the things off my never ending 'to do' list. Life sometimes is stranger than fiction and I found myself having my very own David Sedaris moment.

Now brace yourself people, I'm about to share something very private.... I had made an appointment to get my pap smear test done. You know how it is, it's not something you jump at getting done. So there I am at the local clinic - happy that they managed to find someone free to see me. A new doctor, but female so I was happy. We chat away introducing ourselves. Then it's time to get behind the curtain, drop my drawers and pop up on the table. Whilst doing this, my doctor is looking at my file on the computer and filling out paperwork. I'm lying there with my modesty sheet over my...um....modesty (?). Then my doctor says "I think I live near you". "Oh yes?" I reply, with my mind racing. "How near?". From beyond the curtain I hear "well put it this way, you're at number 51 and we're at 45". Then the speculum appears, followed by a smiling face. A new and interesting way of meeting a new neighbour.

Embarrassed? A little. Amused? Definitely. And these things always make for good stories. I'm just hoping I don't get to flash anyone else in the street!

Till next time


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