I'm back.....

Well - it's been a week, but I'm back. Who'd have thought.

Life has lived up to this blogs title - so there you go - watch out. Life does have a twisted sense of humour.

Yes, there has been a few trying moments since last week. And the frustration I feel at enduring the workplace politics overwhelms me. Am I the only one who has thoughts of pushing awful people down staircases? However - life can be tempered by the joy of reading someone who sums up how you feel. I couldn't stop smiling after reading the fabulous Catherine Deveny's current article. Luckily I can read it and laugh, but on another day it may make me weep.

To top things off I now have a cold - in Spring! It seems unfair. I think I need to crawl off for a cup of tea......and a lay down. Not in the foetal position, I promise!

Stay cool lovely people


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