What a huge week it was last week. It seemed the whole world was on the edge of its seat awaiting the outcome of the U.S. election. But the office politics of my workplace was also in overdrive. Do you ever wonder why some people like making life into a circus? And even more disappointingly - there are those who don't understand that the political IS personal.

Yes - a colleague and I tried to address the behaviour of a Manager recently. It wasn't what she said, but rather, how she was saying it. Her response - 'it's nothing personal!'. Actually, I beg to differ. Issues can be worked through, procedures and policies written, but some people missed that age old lesson about catching more flies with honey, than with vinegar. I believe some people don't look at themselves objectively. How would they like to be treated? It's really not that hard....unless perhaps you've forgotten how to interact with other humans.

It seemed an interesting time to compare the extremely local political climate, with what was happening on the world stage. In this very dark time for the world (and America particularly) a vote for Change, for Hope, for Caring, for Connecting with other people, won the day. So many people I know were inspired by Obama's victory speech. He pointed out that it wasn't about him - it was about everyone who voted and cared enough to say they wanted things to be different. Sure - times ahead will be tough, but perhaps they are finally on the right path. Bush, like our own John Howard had won elections by preaching fear and loathing. Be scared and hate those who don't look like you. Be afraid - and vote conservatively. But Obama's campaign was all about hope.

Now, I think of myself as an optimist. Those who know me, may laugh. I also see myself as a realist, to quote Daria (defending that everyone saw her as a pessimist!). I have a nice healthy dose of cynicism with my optimism. But even watching Obama from Australia - I felt hopeful for the future. And such is the power of hope. There are people who inspire and enable. And there are those so hell bent on hanging on to their little piece of power, that they must crush any obstacle - including lowly staff.

I can only hope that the climate of Change and Hope rubs off.


Sophia said…
So interesting reading your view of the world. My blog is not viewable at the moment cos it's working through some sad old private issues - when I sought through it - I'll make it available so you can saunter through my emotional backyard too! xxx
Andy said…
You know I'm finding that writing here is a nice place to work though stuff in my head. Maybe I'll get more courage as I go on. I hope so. Looking forward to reading yours....post an emotional Backyard Blitz!

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