Can't live with them, can't kill them....Merry Christmas!

This will be my last post for the year. Here it is - Christmas Eve. And I LOVE Christmas. Sure I'm exhausted, and have probably drunken and eaten way too much already...but I adore this time of year.

However - as much as it does bring out the very best in some people - I know it can bring out the very worst in others. A number of friends are either dreading family get-togethers or know that it will mean dealing with family dynamics they have been able to avoid all year. It makes me sad. Maybe I'm an idealist. My own family doesn't escape the unspoken tension of Christmas and it's not like I expect our lives to be picture postcards of harmonious joy. But I think perhaps we all get caught up with the ideal.

As mentioned earlier - I am a crazy Christmas person. Kinda like a Crazy cat lady (which I also am!!) but with crappy music and tacky decorations. I organise a Christmas decoration competition in my workplace. We have certificates and a trophy. Our awards were held yesterday - and as I looked out into the faces of people who had spent time being creative, having fun, dressing up and having a laugh at the time of year when we are all so tired - I wanted to cry with happiness. People can be fantastic. It actually doesn't take much to feel that sense of community and festive spirit. And the best news is that it's as easy to be swept up in good cheer as it is the emotional horror of Christmas. Find someone you adore, admire or have a great friendship with and think of how lucky you are. There are many people out there world wide doing it tough. I thank my lucky stars that I have my life. But as a friend once pointed out to me - perhaps it's not luck - it's the fact that I make it happen myself. I like to stop and think of my place in the universe, count my blessings and take nothing for granted. Sounds hard - but it's easy really. It's unfortunate - but there is always someone doing it tougher than me.

So I would like to wish everyone a heartfelt Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

I'll be back blogging before you know it. Ho Ho Ho.


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