Telling it like it is

You know, I think I'm getting a reputation. Not one worthy of writing on the back of a toilet door, mind you. But for speaking my mind. Yes - this seems in stark contrast to my post regarding shyness, but hey, people are complex.

A while ago a friend came and saw me, asking whether I thought her new haircut was ok. Everyone else was saying how great it looked, but she looked me dead in the eye and said 'What do you think? I know you'll tell me the truth. You keep it real'. I was taken aback. I'd never really considered myself in that way.

I suppose now that I think about it, when I ask people how they are, I actually want to know. Sure, with some people a polite 'fine thanks, how are you?' is all you expect. But with people I consider my friends, I truly want to know how things are. As mentioned in a previous post, I don't do superficial friendships. I can take the good with the bad. What's wrong with being honest?

Part of the issue too, is that I'm not really good at faking it. This doesn't mean I'm tactless (I hope!), but it makes me aware of trying to diplomatically give my opinion or answer a question. Recently a friend asked whether a dress she was wearing suited her. Hmmmm.....are you beginning to see the problem? I'm sure if I said 'that colour and/or style looks great on you' I would blush or break out in a sweat. I'm just no good at lying! I just try to politely say what I think. There are some questions in life, like 'does my arse look big in this?' that seem to have no right answer. Personally I don't think you should ask these sorts of questions unless you are prepared for the answer - warts and all.

As I've gotten older, I feel lucky that there are wonderful women role models out there. Women who speak their mind with grace, humour, humanity and wit. Opinionated, intelligent, passionate women are under-represented in the media. More often than not they are seen as trouble makers, pariahs or ball breakers. Has society lost the plot? Most of these women who speak their own truth, are as likely to critique themselves as much as politicians, religious organisations or celebrities. It is possible to have an opinion and be well rounded and self effacing. Part of the reason they say what they think, is because they are passionate. They care.

I want to salute two women who rock my world. Marieke Hardy - funny, sassy, smart, gorgeous, and caring. A women very in touch with her inner Mrs Slocombe. A kindred spirit. And a friend and I had the pleasure of attending Catherine Deveny's book launch last week. A women not afraid to tell it like it is. I have attached a couple of photos from the night. Check out Catherine's signing in my book. I could have wept with joy. I love you too Catherine.

Looking at such inspiring women (both of which are from Melbourne! Yay!), I'm beginning to think that having a reputation for honesty and 'keeping it real' may be a pretty good place to be. So just a gentle reminder - if you ask me if your arse looks big, I'll tell you. But hey - is that such
a bad thing?


Sophia said…
So...DOES my arse look big in this?
Andy said…
Nope - in my humble opinion - you've got a great arse. See - I speak the truth!

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