Has the world finally come to it's senses?

I feel the need to keep pinching myself. Has it really happened? Is it just a dream I will awake from? Or has the world finally come to it's senses?

This week my boyfriend and I got up at 3.30am to watch history happen. How impressive is Barack Obama?! How is it that in these days of rhetoric, double speak and weasel words such a man has risen to power? His speeches inspire, and make me believe that my thoughts and personal ethics are also those of the general masses. For so long now, I've felt that because hateful men such as George W and our own John Howard were voted in, I must have been in the minority. Crooked elections aside, there was a feeling of fear and loathing in society.

Our own PM, Kev, began with such promise but seems to be fizzing out. However, even at the height of his popularity, he's always been a crap public speaker. He seems to have lost the ability to speak as a human being. Everything is so bogged down in rhetoric. It's like people have swallowed management text books from the early 90s, and it's all about synergy, KPIs and 'going forward'.

I love language and I particularly love people who use it well. Now you know why the new President is rocking my world. He doesn't speak like a politician. He speaks like a person. And as each day goes by I become more impressed with his personal and social ethics, his understanding that his role is that of a public servant and the contribution every person makes to the betterment of the country. I heard him thank his staff this morning, as he knew what a difficult task ahead they all had. But he also thanked their families, as that burden of stress is carried not only by the individuals who work for him, but the people they go home to at night.


People everywhere take note. To be a true leader you need to inspire. To take people along with you on the ride. To make them believe that they can do better. That every person contributes to the whole. We are after all, all in this together. Even if the road ahead is bumpy. And how was this achieved? By simply speaking to people, as a person. Someone who cares, honestly cares. And you know what.....it isn't that hard.


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