I bought this wonderful necklace from the St Kilda market. It's an italian stamp - which has a picture of a sparrow on it. I love that the italians thought to put such a bird on a stamp. I have always really liked sparrows and weirdly felt some bond with them.

I was joking one day with my boyfriend that my nose is a little bit like a sparrow beak - and from that moment on I became Queen of all Sparrows. When we are out and about and we see sparrows, we say that it's a crack security squad watching out for their Queen. Silly, I know, but very amusing to us.

One of the things I like most about sparrows is that no-one seems to notice them. They're not flashy or colourful. In fact I often call them 'fieldmice of the sky'.  Yet what I find most interesting is that when you do take the time to watch them, they are full of character.  Highly social, occasionally cranky, and individual.  Although they may look to most people like 'LBJ's - Little Brown Jobs as someone once wrote in a birdwatching book, they are quite beautiful. 
Perhaps this is why I feel an affinity with them.  Most people blend into the background, and perhaps it's only when you take the time to notice them or get to know them that their character and individuality stands out.  When I put on my necklace I am reminded of my kindred spirits.  But also it reminds me to look deeper than the surface.  To try to see more than just 2 dimensions.  People too, I have found become more, or for that matter less attractive when you get to know their personality.  There are always people who enter a room and make an impact, and then there are those of us standing in corners feeling more comfortable blending in.  

Perhaps I have more in common with sparrows than I thought.  


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