How many people do you know feel like they are stuck playing a 'role' in their life?  At work, in the family, in a relationship?  It seems sometimes that we are defined by how we were rather than how we are.  Strangely, sometimes people aren't given the space to evolve.  I hear a lot of people saying that within their family they are destined to be referred to in a particular way.  Maybe it was how they were growing up - but can you outgrow the role you played as a kid?  Are you the success, the screw up, the nice one or the drama queen?  Most people can be all of these things, even all at once!  I just believe that as humans we are programmed to evolve.  To change.  

Look, I know most of us aren't evolving that much.  In fact the majority of us are sitting around with our opposable thumbs stuck up our arses contributing nothing more to the planet or humanity than an enormous carbon footprint for future generations to deal with.  But perhaps we should give people a chance.

I was thinking on the way to work the other day about friendship.  Yes - the topic de jour of my blog.  I was thinking how with true friends you should be there through all the ups and downs.  For better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health, to love and cherish until you part.   I wonder why we say these words to one person.  Shouldn't we promise this to everyone we care about?  It seems only fair.  Most people I care about are worth it.  Believe me!  I just hope they feel the same about me......should I ever evolve.



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