What Mick said...

It's been such a crazy week.  Last monday there was so much happening, I could only lurch from one thing to the next.  It actually seems like such a long time ago.  But I guess that proves that a lot can happen in a week.  It started out with a job interview. An interview with another organisation.  Such a huge moment for me.  After 23 years on the same campus, here I was throwing my hat in the ring somewhere else.  I was the first to be interviewed and they were running over 15 minutes late.  Such a good thing for my nerves - NOT!  I did some things ok, and stumbled on at least one question.  As the weeks gone on I've resigned myself to the fact that I haven't gotten the position.  But that's ok.  It's good experience and it feels like another step forward.

I suppose part of the reason I've been able to shrug that off, is because of the other thing that happened last monday.  Peter and I had made an offer on a property on the saturday.  And after a phonecall from the estate agent saying the vendor had rejected the price, we juggled the numbers and came back with another offer.  A couple of hours later, and another phonecall from the agent, told us we were successful!  We could hardly believe it.  We had begun searching for a home 10 months ago!  It had become exhausting spending our weekends at open for inspections or getting pipped by higher bidders.  A couple of months ago we'd decided that trying to find the place we wanted in the 'hood we liked was impossible with the money we had.  So we'd started looking at compromises.  And as it turns out, we've found somewhere that ticks a number of boxes, and will be a great stepping stone back on the property ladder, and hopefully a good investment.

So this week has been spent doing paperwork, contacting the credit union, conveyancer and archicentre for a building check.  We had until friday to raise any issues and make changes to the 150 page contract.  We had to do our contract signing via email ie. print out the documents, sign them, scan them, and email them on to the next person.  Life has it's complexities when your husband works 3 1/2 hours away.  But considering everything, I think we did a great job.  I guess the distance has made us good communicators and that helps with making fast decisions.  No time to second think anything.  It's gut instinct all the way.  So now we're shuffling the last few bits of paper and making plans to move.  Settlement is in 30 days and we both feel like the time is right to move on from where we are renting.  Spring sunshine always helps with the feeling of new beginnings and growth.

So I guess when I sum up the week, I can see that there's been ups and downs.  But in reality, the song that's been playing along in my head is the Rolling Stones 'You can't always get what you want'.   The other night the Ladies and Gentlemen concert from the 70s was on telly.  Such a great period for the Stones music. 

"You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find
You get what you need"

The reality is that you can't always get what you want.  But you have to keep trying, and sometimes, the more important thing is to get what you need. 

I was talking to a friend during the week, about relationships.  We were chatting about whether it's possible to get everything you want from one person.  Is it too much to ask or expect that someone would be so perfect?  I've been thinking about this, and I guess in some ways it a lot to ask of someone.  It's also a lot to ask of life.  In reality you don't always get everything you want.  Life is never perfect or complete.  Perhaps the thing is to always work at it. And by striving, you can get what you need and be more fulfilled.  There's no guarantees that the hard work will pay off, but I think you have to be willing to try.  Sitting still is what will kill you.  I hate the feeling that you're treading water in life.  And maybe that's why I'm so happy at the moment.  I didn't get everything this week, but I did get more experience in interviews, and a new home.  Peter and I have run ourselves ragged and faced some challenges, but we finished the week smiling.  That's a pretty good week.  So I'm with Mick and Keef on this one.  If you're lucky, you might just find...you get what you need.



Sophia said…
Just what I needed :)
Andy said…
Hugs to you love! : )

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