So here we are...

I haven't written for a while.  It's basically because life just seems to have picked up speed the closer it gets to finishing up work for the year.  So much seems to be happening, and through all the mad rush I've been lucky enough to catch up with friends.  So it's been a nice kind of busy.  I guess it means life isn't dull.

But even though Christmas seems to be on our doorstep, it hasn't all be fun and frivolity.  Friends of mine, who have been together for over 20 years, have hit the rocks.  One friend is dealing with workplace bullying, while another friend has had a death in the family.  There's been a few mental health issues close to home and people everywhere seem to be talking about how they are so exhausted.  Life doesn't stop for the festive season.  In fact, sometimes it seems to make our 'to do' lists longer or put more stress on us.

I was talking to a friend this morning, who separated from her husband over a year ago.  She has made new friends and after some tough times, seems to have a spring back in her step.  I said to her that she looks happy, and her reply - 'I think I'm happy'.  It made me laugh.  It's funny how we question this.  Am I happy?  Am I happy enough?  Could I be happier?  I think it's important to be reflective about where you are in your world, and query whether you're just plodding along, or treading water in life.  She has a sparkle in her eye and seems to be thriving because life has gone down a different path.  It's filled with new experiences and spontaneity and friendships.  I don't think she should 'think' she's happy, as I'm guessing she feels it.

And perhaps there are times in life when we should stop thinking and analysing ourselves.  There's something to be said for going with our gut instinct, and listen to what's going on inside us.  I used to keep some thoughts and feelings locked down tight.  Perhaps we all have that little space inside us.  The space where we keep part of ourselves safe, or put the stuff we don't really tell other people.  Depending on the type of friendships and relationships we have, we may not share these things with anyone.  Over the last few years, I have changed.  I'm lucky enough to have a husband who I can tell all the difficult stuff to, and dear friends who want to listen too.  I find that as I get older I am becoming more open.  Hell, there are times when I write this blog, that I feel like an open book.  The reality is that people respond to openness and honesty.  It has made my relationships deeper and I find that I'm now surrounding myself with people who are opening up to me.  It is a lovely place to find myself.

Maybe this is the good thing about Christmas.  It's easy to get swept up in the commercial nonsense and buying frenzy.  However, I find that Christmas is a time for being thankful and taking stock of life.  Talking to friends, sharing the hard moments, supporting each other and celebrating the joys and finding reasons to smile and laugh.  It can be a hard road alone.  The journey is always better when you have people along to share it with.  And as I look around, I see people I love and adore.  I see people who held my hand and helped me through tough times, as I can hopefully do for them if they need me. Or if things are going ok, I'm happy to talk to them about music, food, clothes and shoes.  All the important things in life : )

So with only a handful of days to go until Christmas, I hope you find yourself amongst friends and loved ones.  May your festive season be happy and safe.  And may you be humming Christmas tunes like this one, for days.  Merry Christmas.


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