Boss lady

Late last year I was given an opportunity.  Our Team Leader left and someone else in the team has been acting in her position ever since.  This move left another position vacant, so I was asked to step up.  I've gone from being in the middle of the team, to helping co-ordinate our Service Team.  I've been in my acting role since October.  I'm using the opportunity to get experience and try this position on for size.  It's been busy, as we're still missing a position in the team.  But I think overall it's been 'good busy'.

I went to some training last week (about our performance development framework - exciting stuff, eh?!) and there were new staff from all over campus there.  We were talking about where we worked and our roles.  When I said I was there to focus on discussing PD with the team, someone said 'well you'd be speaking to them differently now you're a supervisor'.  My face must have said it all.  Quizzical disbelief.  I answered, explaining that I couldn't be anyone but myself.  And this means talking and acting like me no matter what position I held.  I couldn't suddenly start talking 'like a boss'.

I respond to people I respect and admire.  This, in my eyes, does not always follow hierarchy.  I have always learnt from the people sitting beside me or in other teams.  Some people in higher positions have inspired me, but I find overall it's about the individual...not the job title.  As part of my degree I had to do a human resources subject.  I was pleasantly surprised that it focussed a lot on the 'human' element.  To manage people you need to understand people.  You can't treat them as a single entity.  We're all different, complex beings.  That certainly makes it a challenge.

I explained in the training session, that I really just talk to everyone the same.  Even to the University Librarian, or if it was to happen, the Vice Chancellor of the Uni.  Well, I'm sure I'd swear less...but I would still be me.  I would prefer to be approachable and have people come talk to me about issues or problems.  And really, when it comes down to it...I'm only acting in the role.  It may all be over soon, as the Team Leader job has finally been advertised.  The domino effect of acting roles may all change soon.  I may get the chance to apply for the role I'm in, depending on the way the cards fall.

I'm good either way.  A few more bucks wouldn't hurt, and I'd really miss being involved with some of the groups I've gotten to know through this role.  It would be nice to have a little less stress and have more time and brain space.  But I am zen and hopefully people at work have seen me in a new light.  Seen what I'm capable of, and the contribution I can make.  I've developed different relationships with people in the team, and I think this is a positive thing regardless of what happens.  I keep joking at work that no-one's died, so it's been a success so far!  Let's just see where the next few months take me.

I had to steal the title for this post from the great Detroit Cobras song. Oh how it makes me laugh.  It's not how I'd ever see myself, but it sums up my attitude.  You have to smile your way through life, and perhaps rock out every now and then.  So enjoy this one on me.  Hit PLAY.


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